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FIIG is Australia’s leading fixed income specialist. For 25 years, we’ve been providing investors with direct access to bond markets and a range of term deposits and other cash solutions. We also help Australian corporates fund their growth through access to bond markets. We’re Australia’s largest specialist fixed income provider with over $5bn of funds under advice. 

Through our market-leading research and education initiatives, we empower investors with knowledge and insights into the fixed income asset class. To our clients, we are their trusted partner, leading them to intelligent fixed income investment options and assisting them to achieve a balanced portfolio with steady, reliable returns.  

Our highly experienced sales team provides expert knowledge of local and international bonds, term deposits and other cash products. We are not owned by any financial institution, so our product range is limited only by our investors’ requirements.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, our team of over 100 staff provide service and support to our clients across Australia. 

FIIG usually undertakes an annual independent assurance report on internal controls relating to FIIG’s custody service (GS007 type 2), which is an international standard to which Global Custodians adhere. This report is intended to provide information and assurance for FIIG clients from an external source about FIIG’s controls and systems that affect administration and processing of transactions.

A copy of the GS007 Type II Audit Report on Controls over Custody can be provided upon request.

Our daily rate sheet shows coupon percentage, yields to maturity, running yield and institutional market price on the bonds our clients typically invest in. View the latest FIIG Bond Rate Sheet

FIIG is a fixed income expert. We’re not a one stop shop for all things financial. Fixed income; that’s the beginning and end of it. And because we focus on a single discipline, you can be sure you’re receiving the very best. 

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